The Suit That Will Make You Stand Up and Shout

CraftJanuary 23, 2014
Charlotte Kalla
Charlotte Kalla

It’s time to save up on your leave days, sick days and what-ever days you need to be able to stay at home and follow the cross-country ski events at Sochi in February. This time, there will be a suit in place that will blow your mind and leave you shouting for the ultimate victory.

The races in Sochi will most likely be a warmer-than-usual experience for the cross-country skiers, considering the fact that the Russian city on the Black Sea coast boasts an average temperature of +5 degrees Celsius for the month of February. In order to meet this weather challenge, Craft has developed a new groundbreaking racing suit – Podium Suit –­ designed to fight the heat and set the skiers free.


Laser-cut ventilation  holes.
Laser-cut ventilation holes.


Developing the new suit we employed technologies that have never before been used for cross-country garments. The result is a racing suit with smooth laser-cut holes all over the back and on the sleeves that provides a revolutionary high level of ventilation and body-temperature management. Mesh legs and a thin, highly functional fabric add to the suit’s superior cooling and heat-fighting qualities.



The cross-country skier’s ability to move unrestricted is pivotal for his or her success. Featuring the Moving Wing Technology (a wing-like construction piece across the back) and pre-shaped sleeves and legs, the suit allows the skiers to move freely and unleash all their power into the tracks.



The Sochi climate has of course played a major part in the R&D process of the new suit. And in order to find out how the body is affected by high temperatures we had some skiers on the Swedish cross-country ski team swallow a thermometer (!), allowing us to study their body temperatures from the inside. This collaboration provided us with lots of interesting findings that we could use when choosing materials, seams, and the placement of laser-cut ventilation holes.

The final version of the suit has been tested and approved by world champions Charlotte Kalla and Johan Olsson.



Few things can excite and electrify TV audiences as much as big sports events. And the races in Sochi will for sure be something extraordinary. The Podium Suit knows this, and has all the features to make you jump out of the couch, stand on your toes and scream at the top of your lungs. Indeed, it has all the qualities for turning Sochi into an 18-day long golden feast – in Russia, across the world, and in your home.



Podium collection includes Podium Suit, Podium Jacket, Podium Vest, Podium Tights and Podium Pants, all designed for the mild winter conditions that are to be expected in Sochi.



Craft is a Swedish brand specializing in clothing for endurance sports where performance and comfort are crucial for a good result. Working closely with elite athletes and constantly developing new materials and technical solutions, Craft offers cutting-edge training and competition apparel.­


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