Madshus Integrates Wearable Tech into 2014 Ski Line

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SEATTLE, Wash. (December 8, 2014) — Madshus, the world’s leading performance Nordic ski company, has created a paradigm shift in the world of fitness with the release of its new empower program. Madshus Empower, recently featured in the New York Times, incorporates today’s emerging Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and more specifically, Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to customize consumers’ purchasing decisions based on their personal fitness level and experience.

The integration of NFCs has been trending in mobile devices, wristbands, cards, and apparel; however, Madshus is one of the first sporting goods companies to utilize this technology by embedding a chip directly into its skis. The launch of Madshus empower™ is the first step in what will be an entirely new and interactive future integration of gear and fitness.

The goal behind Madshus empower™ is to transform the retailer and customer experience by making a more precise and true fit to one’s skiing ability. The embedded NFC chip, once scanned, provides retailers with instant ski selection capabilities, heightened inventory management, and streamlined customer service. Within minutes, individuals are matched with their perfect ski. Although NFC chips have been around for some time, Madshus ignites the concept of incorporating it into their fitness tools, like skis, and broadens the use of the technology to capture detailed fitness and health data.

Along with Madshus empower™ technology, the free Madshus empower™ app is also available to download now through the App Store and Google Play. This consumer component will provide individuals with an on-the-go resource to better customize their skiing performance through changing snow conditions, while also providing them the ability to log and store their workouts, ski inventory, and wax history.

Denoted by an on-product Smart Ski sticker, Madshus empower™ is featured on Madshus’ 2014/2015 REDLINE and Champion series skis, available at key retail locations nationwide.

About Madshus

The world’s oldest ski brand, Madshus’ Norwegian heritage dates back to 1906. From the original woodworking craftsmanship of its founder, to today’s state of the art production processes and materials, Madshus is the standard to which all other Nordic skis are held. Whether for World Cup level racing, fitness skiing, cruising, metal-edge touring, or cross country downhill, Madshus continues to apply that same keen craftsman’s eye to each ski, boot, and pole it produces. Over 100 years since it’s founding, Madshus’ storied commitment to the art and craft of ski making resonates today in the same consistent standard of excellence all performance Madshus skiers have come to expect. Madshus is a member of the K2 Sports family of world-leading winter sports and outdoor recreational brands. For more information on Madshus news and products, visit

For more information about Madshus’ empower program or to download the free Madshus empower™ app, visit


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