Junior Nationals: Day 2 Freestyle Individual Start Photos & Video (Updated)

BrainspiralMarch 12, 2015

The second day of 2015 U.S. Junior Nationals featured the 5- and 10-kilometer freestyle individual starts, with the U16 men and women skiing two laps of a 2.5 k course, and the U18 and U20 men and women racing four laps.

Racing resumes again on Friday with the 5/10/15 k classic mass starts. Race schedule

Video above by Skyler Mullings of Far West Nordic. For more videos, check out the 2015 XC Junior Nationals YouTube channel.

Below are some podium shots from Wednesday at Auburn Ski Club in Soda Springs, Calif., courtesy of Mark Nadell/MacBeth Graphics. View his complete gallery here.


Podium finishers:

U16 women

1. Ezra Smith (Rocky Mountain) 17:18.5

2. Madeline Donovan (Rocky Mountain) 17:35.0

3. Molly Gellert (Alaska) 17:48.7


U16 men

1. Canyon Tobin (Alaska) 15:15.2

2. Walker Bean (New England) 15:27.8

3. Nolan Herzog (Rocky Mountain) 15:28.3


U18 women

1. Katharine Ogden (New England) 16:03.3

2. Julia Kern (New England) 16:30.1

3. Hailey Swirbul (Rocky Mountain) 17:19.2


U18 men

1. Karl Schulz (Mid-Atlantic) 31:48.0

2. Zak Ketterson (Midwest) 31:53.3

3. Hunter Wonders (Alaska) 32:01.7


U20 women

1. Vivian Hett (Midwest) 17:25.4

2. Hannah Hardenbergh (Rocky Mountain) 17:40.6

3. Emily Hyde (Pacific Northwest) 17:41.5


U20 men

1. Lars Hannah (Rocky Mountain) 30:37.9

2. Ian Torchia (Midwest) 31:01.0

3. Parker McDonald (New England) 31:25.1


Complete results


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