Wednesday Workout: Urban Training Camp with Caitlin Gregg and the Fix Studio

BrainspiralApril 22, 2015
Caitlin Gregg joined the Fix Studio for their Urban Training Camp when her hamstring kept her from running. (Photo: Caitlin Gregg)
Caitlin Gregg joined the Fix Studio for their Urban Training Camp when her hamstring kept her from running. (Photo: Caitlin Gregg)

This week’s Wednesday Workout comes from Team Gregg/Madshus’ Caitlin Gregg. Gregg saw a breakthrough 2015 season in which she earned a bronze medal in the World Championships 10 k freestyle, skied to 19th in the Holmenkollen 30 k, and most recently dominated the 30 k at Spring Series in Sun Valley, Idaho by almost three minutes. This article was prompted by a Gregg’s recent Facebook post where she mentioned a series of intervals that caused her to “lose her lunch” for the first time in her career. We were intrigued and received this springtime cycling workout from a Minneapolis “Urban Training Camp” by the Fix Studio. Enjoy! 

Last June I wrote a Blog about my hamstring injury that has been bothering me since July of 2011. This spring I was feeling pretty good until I stepped funny on the trails behind my house and felt the familiar pain on my left side. Instead of waiting three years (and because we now have better insurance) I decided to get to work on rehabbing the injury immediately. I phoned all of my sources in the blog above, canceled my planned Skiku trip and began working to hard to try and regain strength and power from my left side.

Just after the accident Brian and I joined Matt Leibsch for a PowerFix cycling class on a rainy morning. Amazingly I could push quite hard and my hamstring felt great. I asked Larry Foss and Sophie St. Jaques, the owners of the Fix Studio here in Minneapolis, if I could attend their upcoming Urban Training Camp and they said sure thing. Before I knew it I had committed to four days and almost 200 miles on the bike.

I was one of the least experienced of the group with my 20-year-old steel bike and down-tube shifters (I have prioritized skiing for the past 15 years so my “other” training gear is quite our of date). Luckily Sophie let me borrow her bike so I could at least feel like I could stay with the group without being in Level 3 the whole time. Some of the attendees came from previous road racing or were current road, mountain or cycle cross racers, while others were looking to get out for a great weekend of training with an organized group. The workouts were designed for all of us.

Caitlin Gregg participates in the recent Urban Training Camp hosted by the Fix Studio in Minneapolis.
Caitlin Gregg participates in the recent Urban Training Camp hosted by the Fix Studio in Minneapolis. (Photo: Caitlin Gregg)

The Workouts:

Day 1:

We met at the studio and biked about 10 miles to Fort Snelling where the river bluffs over great hilly terrain.

We did 6 x 1:40 seconds all out efforts starting on the flats and finishing on the climbs. We had about 10 minutes of spinning and complete recovery between intervals. My legs and lungs burned more than they had in a long long time! After the fourth interval I actually “lost my lunch” because I was pushing so hard. Once the workout was over we biked easy for the 10 miles back to the studio.

Total Workout Time: 2 hours

Day 2:

We once again met at the Studio and this time biked about 15 miles until we reached a climb called “little Italy” in St. Paul.

We did 6 x 2:30 for these intervals but we did them in groups of five or six. In between we had about 10 minutes of easy spinning. These felt like sprint heats because they were long enough to pace but also required some tactics and a finishing sprint. Although I thought I hit my limit the day before, I found out that I could hurt even more when the hill was longer. After the last interval we biked back about 15 miles to the Studio.

Total Workout Time: 3 hours

Day 3:

We met at the Studio and headed out for a long 4+ hour group ride. We did a few leg openers on some climbs but otherwise the pace was controlled and in Level 1 the whole time. I learned a lot about riding in a group. When possible we rode two abreast and in a long lines of about 15 riders each. I spent the entire ride getting comfortable being that close to the people on all sides. I realized that in skiing we never really “practice” skiing so close to each other. Usually we ski in a line or perhaps side by side with two people, but never with 30 very tight. This would have been good for the Engadine this year!

Day 4:

Recovery Ride from Studio 1.5 hours easy.

Caitlin Gregg's data from the first day of intervals.
Caitlin Gregg’s data from the first day of intervals. (Fix Studio)
When viewing the data (see above and below), it’s pretty cool to examine the Watts used as an energy meter against heart rate. From Larry’s analysis it seems as though I am a highly trained aerobic athlete that could probably use more anaerobic training. I would say he is spot on! The best part about the whole weekend is that I seem to have found a mode of training that allows me to tap into that anaerobic system without hurting my hamstring. I am psyched go continue working with Larry and Sophie with workouts to help with my foot speed (pedal stroke) and my power (max watts). Of course I will still rollerski, run easy and lift weights but I think biking will be a great addition to my training regime that offers some new company, new routes and new potential.
Caitlin Gregg's data from the second day of intervals.
Caitlin Gregg’s data from the second day of intervals. (Fix Studio)


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