Fischer Launches Twin Skin

FischerSeptember 25, 2015

Fischer Twin Skin

(Press release)

Fischer has announced the launch of the Twin Skin. Building on their collection of performance waxless options, Fischer offers the Twin Skin as a complimentary classic ski designed to kick in variable conditions without sacrificing glide.

The Twin Skin is built on Fischer’s venerable RCR ski, a populist model made to maximize performance at a reasonable price point.

“The Twin Skin is a ski made for versatile conditions. Purpose-cut cavities for two separate Mohair strips mean it glides easily and kicks solidly, especially in transformed snow and conditions that cause track glazing,” explained Chris Hall, director of racing services for Fischer USA.

Those mohair cavities are deeply set at the beginning of the kick zone, meaning less mohair strip is exposed, less gliding friction is created. The cavities are also shallower under the ball of the foot which makes the Mohair thicker toward the rear of the ski mimicking a well waxed classic ski where a thin layer of wax at the beginning of the wax pocket paired with a thicker layer under foot facilitates kick and glide.

The result is a ski that meets a wide set of criteria for a driven classic skier. The Twin Skin claims a spot as a skier’s go-to ski for conditions that elude grip in a mechanical (crown) pattern. For those with fewer hours for prepping skis, the Twin Skin aims to be a time-saving daily driver that demands kick without sacrificing ski feel.

MSRP: $425.00

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