How to Wash Down Items

TokoDecember 6, 2016

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Elite ski racer Mary Rose introduces the designer color in the Toko drink belt, buff, and race hat.

Online Toko Retailers

This is a list of Toko dealers that have online shopping capability and a decent selection of Toko products.

Another great option is to order from where every product, option, and color is in stock. We use a system that gives dealers in the same region as you the option to claim orders if they have the product in stock. This way you can see and order every Toko product but at the same time support local dealers. All orders over $50 yield free shipping until Christmas!

Wax Clinic

Ian Harvey will be giving a General Wax Clinic for Nordic skiers at the Aspen Cross Country Center on Monday December 5 at 5:30 pm. For a schedule of other Nordic wax clinics throughout the country, click here. Monitor this because we are adding clinics every week.

How to Wash Down Items

Do you have a down jacket or sleeping bag this is now dirty and you are afraid to wash it? Use Toko ECO Down Wash! This video gives a brief explanation. One bottle of Toko ECO Down Wash yields 7-10 washes depending on how hard the water is and how big the load is.

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