West Yellowstone SuperTour Report + How to Wax Backcountry Skins

TokoDecember 14, 2016

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West Yellowstone SuperTour Report

Great to have cold fresh snow in West Yellowstone. We had all of our skis zeroed with Toko NF Blue so that we could pick the best ski for the day. We also had our matched test fleet to test wax each day. HF Red/Blue 1:1 mix won our paraffin test on Friday and we ran on it all weekend. Toko Blue 2.0 powder won the powder test on Friday. We tested again on Saturday and Sunday and another powder ran better so we went with that. We ran Toko 2.0 red block for the sprints, both the qualifier and the heats. Our skis were amazing and we were happy with our qualifiers, but a bit disappointed with our tactics in the rounds. On Sunday we ran the same glide and kicked on a thin Toko green binder, with a hard wax cover on skis with a high easy closing camber.

We are settled in to our accommodations in Silver Star and are excited for the 10/15 km Freestyle next weekend. A bit of a slow start to the season for us, but this weekend and US Nationals are a major focus in our goal to making the World Championships.

Nordic Race Wax Tips

With quite a few events this weekend, we wanted to call your attention to the new location of Toko Race Wax Tips! They are at the NEW TokoUS.com. The specific link is here. You can drill down on a specific region too of course.

How to Wax Backcountry Skins

With all of the snow falling recently and plenty more on the way, people might be heading into the mountains for some backcountry skiing. Here is a quick video on how to best wax backcountry skins by Toko Tech Team member Erich Wilbrecht. See entire video library here.

Some Images from the Cross Country World Cup Races thus far
All images from Nordic Focus

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