Nordic Focus

World Cup Photography: A How-to with Federico Modica

*This is the last piece of a multi-piece series on photographing skiing, ranging from capturing skiing on your smartphone to taking a deep dive into how professionals capture skiing on the World Cup. Take a look at the last three pieces in case you missed them. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.  From making the most of your smartphone in your pocket to picking the right camera for your photography goals, and to experimenting with...

Nordic Nation: Shooting World Cups with Federico Modica from NordicFocus

Many of the World Cup race photos featured on FasterSkier come¬†from NordicFocus, a European bases photo agency. NordicFocus, as the name suggests, features images from the world of nordic sport: cross-country, biathlon, nordic combined, and ski jumping. If you have buzzed around the media center at any big cross-country event, it’s likely you have seen Federico Modica. Modica wears a mountain endurance-fit look as if he’s just descended from some alpine climb; there’s a veneer...

e-blast) TokoUS.com. The specific link is here. You can drill down on a specific region too of course. How to Wax Backcountry Skins With all of the snow falling recently and plenty more on the way, people might be heading into the mountains for some backcountry skiing. Here is a quick video on how to best wax backcountry skins by Toko Tech Team member Erich Wilbrecht. See entire video library