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FasterSkierFebruary 5, 2018
Bill Harmeyer (University of Vermont) racing at the Colby Carnival last month. (Photo: SkinnySki.com)

In an effort to showcase the North Americans who competed at last week’s International Ski Federation (FIS) 2018 Nordic Junior/U23 World Championships in Goms, Switzerland, we asked those qualifying athletes several questions about themselves — actually, we had them fill in the blanks. Here we have 20-year-old Bill Harmeyer, of the University of Vermont, who represented the U.S. at his first U23 Worlds (after competing at last year’s Junior Worlds in Utah).

Last week in Goms, Harmeyer placed 39th in the 15 k classic and 46th in the freestyle sprint.


“My full name is Bill Harmeyer, but you can call me Bill.

I was born in Burlington, Vermont, and raised in Underhill, Vermont, and I learned to ski at the farm behind my house.

I spent the time between U.S. nationals and Junior/U23 Worlds nervously telling my teachers I’d be missing two weeks of classes, while maybe failing to mention I’d be missing more.

Bill Harmeyer (University of Vermont) during an NTG camp training session last fall at Soldier Hollow in Midway, Utah. (Courtesy photo)

The hardest/favorite/most awesome workout I did in the last training year to prepare for this was Trout Lake agility and OD TT with the Bend Endurance Academy.

This is my first time in Switzerland and first (second including WJC in Utah last year) time racing internationally, and so far it’s been sweet.

One difference I’ve noticed between Switzerland and the U.S. is the mountains are a bit different.

Skiing and racing in the Alps is distracting, because you’re constantly looking around, and exhausting, because you just want to keep skiing. Usually racing at altitude is not too hard for me because I’ve done it before. There are some mountains around where I live.

American Bill Harmeyer (University of Vermont) racing the first leg of the men’s 4 x 5 k relay on the last day of 2017 Junior World Championships at Soldier Hollow. After he tagged off in sixth, his team went on to finish ninth. (Photo: FlyingPointRoad.com)

One of the things I’m most excited about for Junior/U23 Worlds in Goms is the chocolate. One race I’m especially targeting there is the skate sprint.

I really hope I can chat/make friends with someone from Sweden and ask them if they’d like to trade suits.

My favorite thing at the breakfast where we are staying is the cheese.

Fondue is on my top 10 favorite foods list. The cheese here is fantastic. And the chocolate is also fantastic.

If I had a totally free day here and didn’t have to worry about race fitness or training, I’d spend it exploring backcountry skiing or crust cruising while eating chocolate.

The best way to follow me on social media is on Instagram @bllharmeyer1.”


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