Quick Hit Athlete Check-Ins from Under 23 Worlds: Ian Torchia

FasterSkierJanuary 18, 2019
Ian Torchia (1) on the shoulders of Northern Michigan University Head Coach Sten Fjeldheim after he won the men’s 20-kilometer freestyle race at 2018 NCAA Skiing Championships in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. (Courtesy photo)


Cycling back before you know it — it’s the International Ski Federation (FIS) 2019 Nordic Junior/U23 World Championships in Lahti, Finland which gets rolling with a U20 classic sprint this Sunday. In our quest to check in with some North American athletes in Finland, we emailed a list of quick hit questions. Up first, twenty-two-year-old Ian Torchia who skis for both Northern Michigan University and the U.S. Ski Team Development Team. Torchia participated at World Juniors in 2015 and 2016, and the 2108 World U23 Championships where his best result was a 27th in the 15 k/15 k skiathlon. At World Juniors in 2015 Torchia placed 11th in the 10 k /10 k skiathlon, and 15th in the 2016 World Juniors 15 k freestyle. 




1) How did you pass the time on your flight to Europe?

I slept the entire flight, middle row to myself!

2) What are you reading? Choose both a book and magazine.

I’m reading Endure by Alex Hutchinson and also the New York Times to keep updated with facts about the lovely President we have at the moment.

3) How are you approaching this Worlds differently than those in the past?

I’m coming in more relaxed but also more focused on executing my training and racing plans.

4) What are some “performance goals” going into the races you are focusing on?

I would like to ski 2 strong distance races as I felt I have not truly expressed my shape yet this year.

5) What races are you focusing on?

15k Freestyle Individual Start

6) Who best supports you when a race doesn’t go the way you envisioned?

My girlfriend, Kameron Burmeister.

7) Who is the first person you call/text/email…etc. when the race goes well?

My girlfriend, Kameron Burmeister.

8) How do you best deal with external pressure to perform?

I focus on the little things that add up to make training and races go well.

9) How do you best deal with internal pressure to perform?

I distract myself until 2 hours before the race so I don’t waste energy being too amped up.

10) What type of “fun” are you looking to have outside of skiing in Lahti?

The currently closed ropes course here at Vermauki 😉


Ian Torchia (l) with girlfriend, Kameron Burmeister, hiking in Franconia Notch, N.H., during an East Coast road trip they took in June. (Courtesy photo)




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