Skiku Looks for New Executive Director

FasterSkierApril 27, 2019

Passionate about being outdoors and active?

Love skiing and working with kids?

Skiku Executive Director role:

  • Work to achieve Skiku’s mission to bring the health and recreation benefits of cross-country skiing and biathlon to rural Alaska.
  • Professional planning, budgeting, and financial management for an established non-profit corporation.
  • Implement development strategies, including fundraising, preparing for grant proposals and managing grants.
  • Developing and maintaining cooperative relationships with schools and officials in the communities we serve.
  • Recruiting volunteers to serve as Skiku coaches.
  • Developing expertise on travel to Alaska’s remote locations.
  • Reporting to staff and board of directors.

The position is based in Anchorage, Alaska and begins August 1st. Application deadline May 30, 2019. Want to help 7000+ new skiers keep on skiing? Email resume or questions to


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