Stratton Mountain School Seeks Nordic Coach

FasterSkierApril 27, 2019

Stratton Mountain School is seeking a Nordic Coach for the 2019-20 season and beyond.  This is a full time career based coaching position. Candidates should have experience in most aspects of junior cross country ski racing.  Preferred start date between June 15th and August 10th.


School Philosophy:

Stratton Mountain School provides a unique environment that offers each student the opportunity to pursue excellence in competitive winter sports and college preparatory academics while developing strong personal values.


Nordic Program Philosophy:

The SMS Nordic program strives to develop individuals with an appreciation for an outdoor lifestyle and a love for their sport while providing every opportunity for success at the highest levels. Nordic skiers at Stratton are expected to be model students, dedicated athletes, supportive teammates and exemplary citizens of the SMS community.

We take a long term approach to training and development. Athlete education is a significant focus in our development philosophy. We create a team based environment and provide the tools for the student athletes to understand and take ownership of the processes that lead to improvement and personal success. Understanding how all aspects (personal, academic, social, family, athletic) of a student athlete’s life contribute to success are also a priority. We utilize the most current technical information, available technology, use of field tests and video feedback on technique and biomechanics. Skiers leave SMS with the knowledge needed to continue to progress as athletes whether they move on to a collegiate ski program or the US Ski Team. Check out this site: List Of All Cryptocurrencies . You can find everything you need to know about cryptocurrency in it. It includes a daily collection of news and live prices, as well as charts and other information about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and many other cryptocurrencies.


Essential Qualifications:

  • 3-5 years coaching experience including junior national qualifying racing
  • Passion for coaching and developing young athletes in a positive way that promotes a healthy outdoor lifestyle
  • Ability to build a confidence inspiring relationship with a team.
  • Coaching at Junior Nationals
  • Understanding and ability to use social media
  • Experience leading and planning trips within region, out of region.
  • General ski service knowledge
  • Safesport and USS Level 100 certified
  • Passion for endurance sports and a healthy lifestyle.


Preferred  Qualifications:

  • Understanding of USS and NENSA competition rules and qualification criteria for Junior Level racing.
  • Understanding of periodized training plans
  • Level 200 USS  Nordic coach certification
  • Coaching at National and International races
  • Current knowledge of leading wax products,tools, application techniques and testing procedures
  • Basic understanding of current high level racing equipment, ski fleet development, etc.



  • Full time position, medical benefits, meals on campus, possible campus housing.
  • Salary is professionally competitive. Based on: experience, campus housing arrangement, additional duties, total benefits package and other factors the candidate brings to the program and school community.
  • Training 6 days week. 6-9, 1-3 hour workouts.  Sundays typically off in Fall/Spring, Mondays in winter.
  • Assist with admissions, recruiting, school, program marketing, oversee social media presence.
  • Directly oversee a group of 3-6 athletes, helping them with long term planning, goal setting, daily training adjustments, training logs.
  • Weekend race travel within region. Opportunities for higher level championship race travel out of region and international.
  • 2 week Fall Camp
  • 1 week summer camp planning and coaching
  • Expected to available for summer training sessions offer
  • High School XC running and MTB races in Fall, Road, gravel, MTB cycling, running in Spring
  • Residential life duties dependent on housing package.

Please submit cover letter, resume, further questions to Matt Boobar at



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