Creating an unforgettable custom Nordic suit design for your team can be tricky. I’m sure you’ve seen a few suits that really stood out at the last race you went to, and many that didn’t. Below, we’ve outlined a few tips to help when creating that eye catching Nordic suit your team can be proud of for seasons to come.

Choosing a “Design Style”

A great way to get inspired is to incorporate team/brand elements, like logos, tag lines, or shapes. Come up with a “design style” whether it be wild and bold or classic and simple. This can help narrow down all of the design options out there. Looking at competitor’s Nordic suits can also be a great way to get ideas. Need design assistance? No worries! Our in-house design prosare always happy to help!


Colors and Color placement

When I was in high school, we raced against a lot of teams with Royal Blue as the main color of their XC race suits. Blue was one our school colors too, but rather than blend in with the competition, we decided to use our other school colors (Yellow and White) as the primary colors with Blue playing a secondary role. We really stood out that season!

Additionally, suits with blocks of color can be easier to spot in a crowd. Especially if you have bold pops of color in the “high motion” areas of the body such as the arms and legs. As a longtime coach, I’ve done a lot of video technique analysis and in doing so, notice (at least for me) that the best clothing for visual contrast has arms and legs that are a different color than the body of the suit. To add even more contrast, you can also have lower legs that are a different color than the upper body.

Don’t Forget Accessories!

Want to make even more of a statement? Design some BOLD Nordic hats and headbands that compliment your new custom ski suits! Nothing can make your skiers easier to spot than a hat that is super bright, so consider creating a design that uses one of our neon colors or go really big with our Sparkle XC Tassel Hat!

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Written by Kevin Johnson
National Account Manager – Nordic, Borah Teamwear

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