The Devon Kershaw Show: Stage 3 Ski Tour 2020 – The Leg Flooding Sprint

Jason AlbertFebruary 19, 2020

Åre, Sweden — the site of the national (alpine) ski area in Sweden. Also the site of Stage 3 of the Ski Tour 2020’s skate sprint. Short at 0.66 k, but oh so steep with a finishing climb with slopes at 28 percent. Yah! 28 percent. Maybe part sideshow, maybe not. Either way, athletes had to get themselves to the top. In what was a leg-burning affair, for a one-off event, it was sporting entertainment.

Italy’s Pellegrino: totally spent. He placed second overall in the Stage 3 Ski Tour 2020 sprint. (Photo: NordicFocus)

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And…here’s a link to some research we mention in the podcast. It’s some good material on how Marit Bjørgen trained.


Jason Albert

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