Snow – The Lubricant for Competition : The Latest Research from Matthias Scherge

FasterSkierJanuary 28, 2021


Swiss athletes ski testing in Lillehammer, Norway. (Photo: NordicFocus)

Much has already been written about snow. There are countless pictures of perfectly grown snow crystals, but very little about snow found on the slopes or in the cross-country skiing tracks. The newest article in our science series provides a vivid picture of snow in its many forms. With a cell phone and a mini microscope, you get fantastic pictures of snow grains. You can see their shape and the distribution of water between them. In addition, the article explains how to measure snow hardness. With this information and the knowledge of how snow humidity and snow temperature are connected, a safe wax recommendation can be made. 



Click here to read Snow – The Lubricant for Competition. You can find the full scope of articles from Gliding here.


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