Pastimes and Things to do When Skiing is Impossible

FasterSkierMay 25, 2021
Backcountry skiing near the top of Mount Marcy in New York’s High Peaks region on Monday, April 23. (Photo: Tim Ely)

It could be the time of year, it might be a lockdown has been initiated; whatever the reason, the truth is few of us can ski or practice winter sports as much as we would like. This is a frustrating situation and makes it harder to maintain fitness and keep our skiing skills sharp.

With this in mind, what do we do in the months when hitting the slopes is impossible. Here’s some ideas.

Read About Skiing

As well as enjoying time on the piste, you may want to read about it. There is a wealth of online information that discusses every aspect of your sport. This includes:

  • Product news.
  • Pro winter sports news.
  • Resort reviews.
  • Guides such as beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

As well as skiing blogs and online articles why not invest in books and magazines. Not only do you expand your winter sports knowledge you also keep your appetite for snow sports high.

Create a Side Hustle

If you can’t ski, you could start a side hustle and generate a little extra income. The money you make can go towards buying new winter sports equipment or towards your next skiing excursion.

Consider these ideas:

  • Write about your favorite sport– It’s frustrating not being able to ski, but you can always write about your experiences regardless of level. Once you’ve got a few words down and you’re happy with it, you can try and sell it to an established skiing publication, start a blog yourself, or publish to a platform that publishes articles for free.

You may not make a lot of money doing this, but you’ll feel good getting your ideas down and writing a good article brings its own reward.

  • Online casino – There are plenty of online casinos that offer the chance to play and win. It is best to do your research before you jump in feet first, even if you’re a seasoned player and know what you’re doing.

Casinos such as offer all the casino games you can think of, so you’re bound to find one that offers the games and environment for you. If you’re new to online gaming, it is a good idea to practice the games first before you speculate.

  • Speculate in the stock market and or cryptocurrency– If you have a little money to spend and want to sit back and watch it grow, an investment in the stock market and or cryptocurrency could be for you.

You can either pay a professional to invest on your behalf, or you can do a little research and handle the investments yourself. If you’re stuck indoors because of a lockdown, this could be a good idea.

Remember, investments can go down as well as up!

  • E-commerce business– With recent events buying online for some products increased considerably. You could maybe consider selling ski-related equipment or other products you feel will be big hits with the public.

You could consider becoming an affiliate store for an established brand.

Cycling and or Running

Fitness is essential to good winter sports performance and so taking up an exercise that is fitness based is a great move.

Cycling is a very low impact sport and relatively cheap to get started. Like skiing and other winter sports, there is a wealth of info online about getting better at it.

Running, like cycling is very cheap to get up and running, no pun, and there is plenty of online and offline information on how to improve.

Both cycling and running are great for aerobic and anaerobic exercise, so you should find that you have a high fitness level when you return to the piste.

These two sports are not affected as severely by lockdown as others, especially with a little equipment investment; you can do them inside as well as outside.

Indoor Skiing

If you’re not in a lockdown and your indoor ski centre is open, why not head down and get in some practice. It isn’t the same, but at least you can practice techniques and keep your skills sharp.

Train to be an Instructor

If you’re a competent skier, snowboarder, or another winter sport, you may want to look at becoming an instructor. With the proper certification, you could be teaching what you love and making money at it as well.

When choosing a course provider, ensure they have good reviews and a good reputation before you part with any cash, and check that accreditation will open doors for you.

Skiing is marvelous, and it is just a shame that unless you can move around the world, you can’t do it all day, every day.

Until you can get back on the skis, you may want to consider some of the ideas suggested here. You’ll self-improve, and you may make some extra cash. Neither of which is a bad thing.


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