FS Gear Reviews: Norrøna Loose Shorts

Ella HallAugust 30, 2021

Thinking about a summers-end backpacking trip and wondering what shorts to bring? Or perhaps you are searching for the best pair of shorts for a run/hike/lake-dip outing? Look no further than the Norrøna’s Loose Shorts. These shorts top the ratings in terms of versatility and offer plenty of good pocket options to boot. 

Women’s Norrøna Loose Shorts: ready for anything.

Made of more than 50% recycled synthetic fiber, the shorts are breathable, lightweight, and durable. Weighing in at 140 grams (that’s just under 5 ounces), they make for a great choice if you are trying to cut back on luggage while still prioritizing functionality. 

Normally, I stick to traditional running shorts when out for a run or hike, but this summer the Norrøna Loose Shorts have worked their way into my regular exercise clothing rotation. Thanks to the nylon and elastic material they are stretchy and loose enough to make running comfortable and offer a practical outfit choice if you are trying to squeeze in a workout during a busy day. The drawstring tightening feature at the waist ensures that your shorts stay up, even if the double pockets are loaded up. 

The elastic waistband with ties helps to keep the shorts riding high.

Speaking of pockets — arguably the most important part of any piece of clothing — the zipper closed pocket at the back is a great place for key storage or stashing a bar during a longer outing.

The handy zip pocket which will keep your keys or other small valuables safe while moving.

The double hand pockets are large enough to carry an iPhone 8 (the largest smartphone model available during testing), and are designed so that items don’t bounce out when you’re on the go. My one caution would be that the mesh lining the pockets did start to chafe my legs after a while when full. 

Hand pockets, pictured here holding an iPhone 8.

If you happen to encounter a body of water and feel like taking a dip, there’s no need to worry about getting these shorts wet. Empty your pockets and dive in; given the lightweight breathability, your bottoms will be dry again in no time. 

With a price tag of $79, the Loose Shorts are at the steep end of the market. That said, given the wide array of possible uses and the enduring reputation of Norrøna gear, you can trust that they are a safe investment for the long-term. 

Good for running, hiking, swimming and more!

As the smoke clears and I get ready to enjoy the last few weeks of summer, I’ll be pleased to head out for some mountain adventures in my Norrøna Loose Shorts, pockets loaded with snacks.

Ella Hall

Growing up in Washington’s Methow Valley, Ella was immersed in skiing and the ski community from a young age. From early days bundled in the pulk, to learning to ski as soon as she could walk, to junior racing, a few seasons of collegiate racing, and then to coaching, she has experienced the ski world in many forms. Now, as a recent graduate from Dartmouth College, she finds herself living in France splitting her time between teaching English at a university in Lyon, avidly following ski racing (and now writing about it!) and adventuring in the outdoors as often as possible.

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