Here’s How You Can Enjoy Betting on Winter Sports in Washington State and Types of Bets You Can Place

FasterSkierNovember 10, 2021
Skiers on the valley floor: during the first skis of the season last year. (Photo: Methow Trails)

Let’s cut to the chase first. With so many regulations in the US regarding sports betting, and each state having its own set of rules, the average bettor can easily get confused. Bettors in “The Evergreen State” are no exception to this rule. Most of them are confused and literally have only one question on their minds – is sports betting legal in Washington, or should I  go to the neigburing state to place bets? In short, yes, sports betting is legal in Washington! But there is more to that.

Legalized in 2020 at a few tribal gaming casinos, more and more Americans in Washington State are heading to sportsbooks for their wagering needs. It’s no surprise — sports betting is a fun, exciting way to add a little extra challenge and excitement when watching their favorite sporting event. In Washington state, people can now do this legally at any one of 16 tribal casinos. However, they have to do sports betting in person, even if thay are doing it online.

Now when that’s cleared up, we can focus on popular types of bets you can place on winter sports in Washington state.


1.   Moneyline Bets

Moneyline bets are the most popular form of wagering for betting on the favorite, for sports such as baseball and basketball, where the more successful team of the two is heavily favored. A Moneyline bet mainly involves two outcomes: a player to win or a team to win. These bets are always in favor of the sports team perceived to be the best. However, this doesn’t mean that there is no value in betting on the underdog.


The Moneyline allows the bettor to choose the team they want to win while the payout is adjusted based on the favorite and underdog. For example, a bettor can pick a -120 favorite while getting a +100 underdog. Among other sports, the Moneyline is a popular betting option for baseball and hockey.


2.   Prop Bets

Proposition bets, or prop bets, are wagers made on events within the game itself. Odds for prop bets are usually very different than standard game-in-play betting odds. Odds for prop bets are unique because the oddsmakers adjust the line (or spread) far before the game to account for these props.  However, remember you can only bet in a Washington state licensed tribal casino.


You will find most prop bets are available on major sporting events in Washington and beyond. By betting on props, you can increase your winnings significantly without needing to make predictions on the final scores. Prop betting is the future of sports betting. No more debating which team will win, for example. Prop bets pit duos against each other in a risk-free manner.


3.   Over/ Under Bets

If you are looking for an added element of excitement to your sports, you can wager on over/under bets. Over/under odds let you wager on whether some metric such as runs, goals, or points will end up above or below a certain threshold set by the sportsbook.


For example, you could bet on whether a team will win over or under a certain number of games or whether a pitcher in a baseball game will strike out over or under a certain number of batters. Whether you prefer betting on a single team or a matchup between two sports teams, you will find a great variety of over/under bets to make.


4.   Correct Score

In a correct score bet, you are wagering on a game’s final score. You have to get each team’s score precisely right to win your bet. For example, if you bet on a match expecting Juventus to win 3-0 against Napoli, but Juve only wins 2-0, you lose the bet.


When picking a correct score market, it’s essential to review a host of factors, including a team’s most recent form, any individual player absences, and the state of the pitch or court at that time. A great way to bet on the final score is as a “correct score.” It’s a famous wager with fans, primarily because betting on the final score can be enticing, regardless of who wins. With so many potential scoring combinations on any given game, it allows for you to pick your favorite team and still have positive expectations.


5.   Futures

Winning futures bets is a long-term strategy. When you bet on sports futures, you are placing a bet on whether or not something will happen next year or next season of your favorite league. You can wager on sports futures-bets in US and international leagues, including Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, American Football (NFL), Cricket, Rugby Union, and Australian Rules Football. Sports betting is playing a significant role in promoting leagues and individual teams as well.


Unlike sports betting single bets, futures wagers do not have an end time or game day since they are active until the event’s resolution. Some futures bets that are particularly popular with bettors include the Super Bowl, the Stanley Cup Finals, and the World Series.


6.   Parlay

A parlay is a type of multiple bet that links together at least two individual bets. If you’re betting on the Seattle Mariners to win against the Chicago Cubs and for the Seattle Mariners to win Game 2 against the Chicago Cubs, each game must win individually before your parlay bet payout.


Place a parlay wager on your favorite sports events, including betting on ski racing, and let the action begin. With so many betting options available within sports, you can tailor your betting wagers to fit your needs. Increase the excitement of a big game by adding a parlay bet to increase your potential payout. Sports betting has never been easier!



Sports betting is a popular form of entertainment not only in Washington State but also around the globe. The legality of full-scale sports betting in Washington state hinges on a 2020 law that permits Native American casinos to offer to gamble, but only if it’s legal in the jurisdiction of the casino location. That means that for sports betting in Washington state, you must be physically present at a tribal casino with a sportsbook. You can only place your wager on a mobile device if you’re standing in the gaming facility – not from anywhere in the state.


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