Francesca Kitch

Francesca Celi Kitch is a junior at Belmont High School and skis with Cambridge Sports Union/Eastern Massachusetts Nordic juniors. She grew up on the trails of New England with a family of outdoors enthusiasts, making her racing debut as a lollipopper at the 2007 Stowe BKL Festival. As she learned about the importance of the planet’s health she became an advocate for environmental protection.
The Annual Race For Snow – Youth Taking Charge

“If we work as hard as we can to slow down climate change, then it’s possible these young people won’t be the last generations of cross country skiers,” wrote Bill McKibben in an email exchange. “It would be a horrible loss to lose snow–for a few months every year we get to say goodbye to friction, to glide through the woods. It’s a kind of magic, and perhaps defending it will make us appreciate it...