April Fools

Cross-Country Meets Aeronautics: Structuring Aircraft Skis

By Kevin Brooker Increasing the value of a product is important. Consumers are drawn to the idea of high tech being better than run of the mill technology. To catch the attention and dollars of consumers, the marketing team will often use terms like “Aircraft Grade” or “Medical Grade” to make the ski manufacturers’ offerings more attractive. The idea being, if some  material is good enough for the high tech and safety conscious aviation industry, it...

Climate Change Wreaks Havoc on Nordic Clothing Companies

With an incredibly elaborate hoax from the Chinese now in full swing, winter athletes from all over the world continue to struggle with our planet’s changing climate. Snow sports have been particularly hard hit, as rising temperatures and increasingly erratic weather patterns have resulted in less predictable snowfall, mid-winter rain storms, rapidly abating trail conditions, and thusly greatly shortened training and racing seasons. This fallout from these changing climactic conditions is far-reaching and appears to...

L.A. Potential Host for Both 2024 Summer and 2026 Winter Olympics

In 2022, Beijing will become the only city that has hosted both Summer and Winter Olympic Games. But sooner than expected another unlikely city might join that rank: Los Angeles. L.A. is currently one of only two remaining candidate cities to host the 2024 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games, the other one being Paris. The winner will be determined at the next International Olympic Committee (IOC) general session in Lima, Peru, in September of this...

South of the Equator: World Cup Skiing Comes to Thailand

With Kuusamo’s sudden cancellation of the season-opening Ruka Triple in November, FIS formally announced a schedule change for the start of the 2017/2018 World Cup season. The season’s first event will be a mini tour in Thailand. Yup, Thailand. A dedicated committee of ski enthusiasts recently committed to organizing a three-stage mini tour on the outskirts of Bangkok, Thailand, in late November 2017. “I bought a Snow Factory in 2015. At first, we thought people would be interested...

Liz ‘Hill’ Stephen Plans Her Foray Into Skimo

Liz Stephen has made a name for herself as one of the best uphill climbers in the world on the cross-country World Cup circuit, frequently achieving her best performances of the season in the final stage of the Tour de Ski up the grueling Alpe Cermis climb on a ski slope in Italy. She placed second for the time of day up the climb again this year, her fourth time to do so. “I want...

Sandau Hired as Canada’s New National Team Head Coach

Cross Country Canada is serious about developing its coaching pipeline and hiring in-house, as evidenced by its decision to hire athlete Kevin Sandau as head coach of the Canadian National Ski Team. "I don’t have much experience coaching at this sort of level but I feel like my practical experience on the domestic circuit and top-50ish on the World Cup is what really sets me apart from the rest," Sandau said.

The U.S. Nordic Ski Team is in shambles after several unusual injuries struck during the first recovery week of the season. Jessie Diggins is bedridden with a knee injury caused by repeated jumping, and the men's team has been bitten as well, with an infection stemming from a paper cut and public restroom, as well as torn ligaments from an arm-wrestling match.

April Fool’s!

We know it’s a bit maddening, but the two stories posted in the main column of FasterSkier on April 1 were in jest: "USSA to Shutter Center of Excellence, Enlist Prancercise Methods" and "Larger-Than-Life Statues of Diggins, Gregg Unveiled at Mall of America."

Johnny Klister Found in Fairbanks (Exclusive Interview)

A FasterSkier investigation has revealed that Johnny Klister, the former internet cross-country ski publishing sensation, has fled his former life and is now living off-the-grid in Fairbanks, Alaska. "Trying to keep up with the output of Noah Hoffman's blog was impossible," Klister says. "I was drinking 12 cups of coffee a day, pounding a dozen gels, and huffing xenon gas before bed to keep from losing my edge."