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Olympics Preview: About That Final Uphill

Take a moment to visualize some iconic head-to-head finishes from recent global championships: Klæbo vs. Bolshunov in the 50 k, Oberstdorf, 2021; Nilsson vs. Johaug in the relay, Seefeld, 2019; Schumacher vs. Terentev in the relay, Lahti, 2019; Diggins vs. history in, well, you know, PyeongChang, 2018. What do these races have in common, besides drama, high-level skiing, and triumph and tragedy in equal measure? All of them feature a final downhill back into the...

Quebec Report: Abundant Snow, French Onion Soup and a ‘Brutal’ Sprint Course

FasterSkier previewed the Quebec City courses before the third and fourth stages of the Ski Tour Canada, another freestyle sprint and 10/15 k freestyle pursuits, with the sprint on Friday on the historic Plains of Abraham. We also joined a press conference with the local celebrity, Alex Harvey. "A top-five placement overall is still realistic," he said of the entire Tour. "Even the podium is not out of reach."