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Photo Essay: Anchorage Skiers Stoked Over Sizeable September Snowfall

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — An autumnal survey of who’s got early snow is somewhere between a trope and a cliché in these pages. Consider, for example, “Early Season at Hatcher Pass: A Photo Essay,” “Early-Season Snow: A Photo Roundup,” or “Alaskans Revel in October Skiing at Hatcher Pass, Birch Hill” (with photos). You may sense a theme here. But the earliest on-snow dates in these articles are October 6, October 14, and October 15. How would...

Seeking Snow: SMS T2 Finds Glide Time in Oberhof, Germany

With temperatures dropping steadily each day and the first signs of winter visible on distant mountaintops, the mind of a skier inevitably turns towards thoughts of snow. For the professionals this goes one step further: how and when can they get on snow before the season starts? In the US, pre-season snow time is limited. Once the snow disappears on Mount Bachelor, the Eagle Glacier in Alaska is typically the only domestic pre-season skiing available,...

Early Season at Hatcher Pass: A Photo Essay

HATCHER PASS, above Palmer, Alaska — The phrase “early season skiing” tends to evoke several things for your average skier: Dark. Cold. Rock skis. November. And so on. Think a training opportunity to be endured as much as enjoyed. Happily enough, none of these things was in evidence Sunday morning at Hatcher Pass, elev. 3,500′, in Independence Mine State Historical Park in the Talkeetna Mountains above Palmer, Alaska. The sun was out. The views were...

Reminder: Tell Us Where There’s Snow!

Just a friendly reminder that the deadline to let us know about early season ski destinations or venues is fast approaching. We’ll extend it through the weekend (and give Mother Nature a little more time to shape up into her winter self), but if you’d like your favorite spot featured in this year’s U.S. or info@fasterskier.com with the subject line “Fall Skiing” by Sunday, Nov. 5.