Matching Grant Announced for UAA Ski Team Supporters

ANCHORAGE — The beleaguered ski team at the University of Alaska Anchorage, or UAA, once more finds itself fighting for its continued survival as a competitive program, following last month’s decision by the University of Alaska Board of Regents to tentatively eliminate the alpine portion of the men’s and women’s ski team. As previously reported, the decision facially saves the UAA nordic team: USST national team member JC Schoonmaker and his nordic teammates will not...

(Press release) SALT LAKE CITY — Widely known through the cross country ski community, the annual Drive for 25 is the most successful grassroots fundraising effort in American ski sport and the principle fundraising engine for the National Nordic Foundation. This year’s Drive for 25 builds on the success initially created by U.S. coaches Matt Whitcomb and Peter Vordenberg who challenged the skiing community to support itself in a single-day effort in 2011. The 2015...

Australian Olympian Callum Watson Recovering after Ski Punctures Lung in Sprint Crash

When Callum Watson crashed in the sprint at Australian National Championships, it seemed like any other crash. But the consequences were devastating: the other racer's ski punctured and collapsed his lung. Watson is looking towards the future as he recovers, but is set back by the cost of the ambulance helicopter flight that saved him. This article includes a link to his fundraising page.

With USOC Support and Own Foundation, U.S. Biathlon Confident About Post-Olympic Financials

This spring, nordic organizations across the U.S. and Canada were hit hard by cuts from their Olympic funding partners. U.S. Biathlon Association President Max Cobb says his group wasn't one of them: USBA didn't get its full request, but it got enough. "It's a relief," he said. USBA also has the added benefit of a foundation to help with additional fundraising.

For Underfunded Canadian Athletes, Pursu.it Offers Thousands of Dollars of Hope

Former Olympic kayaker Julia Rivard decided to use the Kickstarter model and her own tech smarts to make a fundraising website only for athletes. A year later 20 Canadians, including three biathletes, have started campaigns on the site and more than half surpassed their goals. Rosanna Crawford has raised $18,000 with partner Brendan Green: "It feels like a weight has been lifted."

Cross Country Canada Launches Unique Project Podium Initiative

Ski to the Podium with Canada’s Cross-Country Ski Athletes —Cross Country Canada Launches unique Project Podium fundraising initiative—  ( CANMORE, Alta.—Fresh off one of the most successful seasons in the history of the program, Cross Country Canada is giving fans the opportunity to ski with its athletes to the international podium, thanks to Project Podium. Widely recognized that high-performance athletes need financial backing to succeed at the international level, Project Podium takes fundraising to a...

Hal Stanley, of Bozeman, MT, has made a generous donation of $5,000 to the National Nordic Foundation’s 2011 Cross Country Pillar Projects to help tomorrow’s stars today. Hay Stanley states, “Other than the US Ski Team, NNF is the only National Organization representing and helping fund Nordic Skiing in the US.  I feel that our US Nordic athlete system kind of drops the ball on supporting and developing athletes beyond Junior Programs and College Programs....