Press release) In case you didn’t thoroughly check out the eBlast where I explained about the new JetStream 2.0 and HelX 2.0 products, Photos from the World Cup Opener in Ruka, Finland Reese Hanneman at the start  Reese Ida The stadium from above West Yellowstone I think everyone would agree that this was a great West Yellowstone week with great skiing, trees full of snow, and lots of camaraderie.  One thing happened on Saturday that...

Hoffman Checks in En Route to Denver, Blogs About Broken Fibula

Never fail, on Monday afternoon during a flight from Frankfurt to Denver, Noah Hoffman blogged. And not just any quick update, almost a whopping 2,000 words. The U.S. Ski Team’s top male distance skier got online to explain exactly what happened Sunday in Kuusamo, Finland, where he fell hard with slightly less than 2 kilometers to go in the first World Cup distance race of the season.