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DIY Fitness Testing: The How and Why with Pepa Miloucheva

It’s May. Yes, really.  For most skiers, the new page on the calendar also marks the beginning of a new training year. Dust off your rollerskis, locate your heart rate strap and drink belt, and make sure your running shoes have plenty of life in them. With the country still predominantly on public health orders to stay close to home, avoid groups, and keep at least six feet of distance from those outside your home,...

CXC’s Center of Excellence Seeks to ‘Study Latest Innovations in the Sport’

With plans to begin research this fall, CXC's Madison-based Center of Excellence is on the brink of bringing new scientific studies to nordic skiing. “Our goal is to have top sports science facility to study latest innovations in the sport, potential application in cross country skiing to improve training, recovery and performance," CXC Executive and Athletic Director Yuriy Gusev explained.

Testing, One Two Three

The U.S. Ski Team’s cross-country athletes finished their final round of pre-season testing last week in Park City, Utah. Athlete blogs currently abound with documentation of skiers pushing themselves to the point of falling off the treadmill in order to collect data on how much they’ve each progressed since their last test. The importance an athlete attaches to his or her test results varies by individual, but in the lab and in training they can...