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As the women’s sprint finalists promenaded through the stadium toward the starting pen, the demeanors caught on camera varied, seemingly a reflection of their differing personalities or emotions at that moment. On one hand, there was Stina Nilsson, Sweden’s sprint queen, walking through the athlete’s chute at the first stage of the Tour de Ski with the body language of a prizefighter. Then there was Norway’s Maiken Caspersen Falla, more smiley and cheery than Nilsson, her...


FIS Cross-Country Tour de Ski Stage 1 in Val Müstair: Freestyle sprint  Men’s report [UPDATED] After qualifying in fifth, eighth and ninth, respectively, Sophie Caldwell, Sadie Bjornsen and Jessie Diggins proceeded to represent the U.S. in the quarterfinals of the 1.5-kilometer freestyle sprint in Val Müstair, Switzerland, on Saturday, along with a fourth U.S. woman, Kikkan Randall. Randall turned 34 on Saturday and reached the heats for the first time this season, where she placed third...

Continuing with my summer reading of XC news, I again perused an one of FIS’s short interviews, this time with Switzerland’s Laurien Van der Graaff. Unlike Masako Ishida, whom we considered earlier this week, Van der Graaff is a sprint specialist, and a freestyle sprint specialist at that. Van der Graaff really did have a [...] Related posts:

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massive black visor was so our preview last seasonwe were excited about the group Cologna had supporting him, and in 2010-2011 they showed why. In the very first relay of the season they were outstanding, finishing fourth. Three weeks later in La Clusaz, France, the foursome cruised to a 30 second victory over an incredibly talented Russian team. Of the three non-Cologna Swiss primarily distance-skiing men, Perl was by far the best, finishing a career-high...