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A willingness to be cold and wet were requirements for success in Oberhof today; ability to see targets through the fog and also to stay fuzzy-side-up on the course's steep and slushy downhills were encouraged, but not required, to be on the podium. Valj Semerenko noted that she'd prefer if it were minus five and sunny, but Ukraine won the women's relay anyway.


To say that it was raining in Rupholding, Germany, on Thursday would be an understatement. “It was pouring rain, perhaps the worst rain I’ve ever skied in, winter or summer,” said U.S. biathlete Sara Studebaker. “It was tough out there… today was all about fighting through the conditions.” For most of the women’s World Cup field, it was a tough fight as the tracks slowed to a cement-like consistency and the downhills became rutted and...