Team USA Comments From The First World Cup Race

FasterSkierNovember 23, 20032 got a chance to ask US Ski Team coach Trond Nystad a few questions following Saturday's 15 kilometer World Cup skate race

Trond, how do view the first race of the season for Kris Freeman, Carl Swenson and Lars Flora?

“The race was about like expected.  It takes a little time to get used to the time difference and to get over the long travel to come over here. All in all it was a good race by Kris.    He was only about a minute out from the winner, so that puts him easily within striking distance to challenge for the top spots.  Carl was a little below par, but there is no doubt he will ski very fast soon.  Lars was struggling.  He possibly skied a little too many races last weekend and is a little tired (3 races last week)

How was the race in general, the technical aspect, the course, temperatures and snow?

“The race was organized w/o a glitch.  The race organizers definitely did not have a lot of snow to work with on one of the loops, but they pulled it off.  We only got a few little scratches and dings in the skis. There was not much room for a warm up track, so they left the first 2 kilometer of the race course open all the time for warm- up. It got colder on race day than what we had earlier this weekend.  -10 C in the morning, and the humidity dropped.  During the race it was -7 and sunny weather”
Did things function well on the technical side with skis, wax and so on?

“Everything went very well from our organizational side.  Chris Hall and Roar Lillefjell tested several structures and waxes and ended up with a winning combination that was one of the best. Raced on Fluoros, no surprises”.

Were you surprised over the Swedes disappointing day and how well the Italians skied?

“Early skiing always provides funny results.  Definitely surprised that the Swedes did not do as well as they have in the past, but at the same time I know they will be back soon.  Italians have skied well before, but have not been able to pull off a win.  This time everything worked out and the win was a fact…definitely small margins.

What's up next?

We are driving to Kuusamo…will be there in a few days….lots of Red Bull and Coffee will get us there”….Trond


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