TrainingVolkswagen or Mercedes engine – Part III

FasterSkierNovember 21, 2003

In the previous two articles in this series, we wrote that an athlete’s maximal oxygen uptake – VO2max – is the most important element of aerobic performance. We also said that recent research has showed that the VO2max can be improved by increasing the heart’s stroke volume. Based on research studies, it is suggested that the most efficient way of increasing stroke volume (and therefore VO2max) is to do interval sessions at 90 – 95% of max heart rate (MHR).

Will Marit Bjorgen benefit from the intensity training?

Skiing is more than max VO2

Even though it is clear that VO2max is the most important factor for aerobic performance, there are many other factors than can not be ignored. This and the previous two articles have described how it may be possible to increase the heart’s stroke volume and therefore the max VO2max – in other word’s how to “upgrade” your engine to a Mercedes model. The other factors that are part of becoming a Cross-Country Champion have not been discussed here – anaerobic threshold, proper technique, proper strength training, proper intensity and distribution of all training, rest and recovery, good nutrition, tactics, good equipment and wax, etc…

Much of the material for this series of articles has been taken from the magazine SkiSport, as well as from other Norwegian newspaper articles.

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