Hofstad Closing In On The VO2 Max Record

FasterSkierOctober 10, 20051

Four skiers on the Norwegian national team set new personal records in their last MaxVO2 test. Tore Ruud Hofstad tested highest with 92 milliliter/kg.

Source: Langrenn.com — Translated by Torbjorn Karlsen

– This was very good. Most everyone set PR’s, explains national team coach Krister Sorgard. He has lately been observing his skiers being tested at the elitesport center in Oslo (toppidrettssenteret)

Hofstad highest

Tore Ruud Hofstad tested highest with a new PR of 92 milliliter. Hofstad has reached 90 once before. He has now in addition become more of a “skier”, says Soregard and explains:

– He has developed more muscles, which has made him less good in running.

He is hoping that that this will make Hofstad better on the longer events.

– He has taken some steps forward and trained to become better in the 30 and 50-kilometer, says Sorgard

A step down for Bjerke

The test was however a small step backwards for Espen Harald Bjerke. He was tested at 96 milliliter this spring, a result that tied Bjorn Daehlie's best ever result. Later this summer he was tested at 86 and his recent test was 91, which was the second highest test result.

It went a lot better for Jon Anders Gaustad, Anders Aukland and Jens Arne Svartedal. They all did as Hofstad and set new personal records with 87, 88 and 83 milliliter per/kg. The national team coach was satisfied with the other values that were measured as well. The liter values were between 6.5 and 7 liter, while the lactate values were good, explains Sorgard. He views the tests as a confirmation that his training methods are working well.

The list:
Hofstad – 92
Bjerke – 91
Gaustad – 87
Aukland – 88
Svartedal – 83

Results from other athletes in the past:
Bjœrn Dæhlie – 96
Thor Hushovd (cycling) – 86
Ole Einar Bjœrndalen (biathlon) – 86
Øyvind Leonhardsen (professional soccer player) – 80,9
Bente Skari – 78
Olaf Tufte (World and Olympic Champion in rowing) – 77
Marit Bjœrgen – 72


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