MN State Fair

FasterSkierSeptember 1, 2009
I have lived in Minnesota for almost 5 years now and except for the first year I have visited the fair every year.

My mother, who was also born in NYC and lived there most of her life, lives in MN now too and this was our first MN State Fair together! We laughed and joked about what was the most important part of the Fair if you are a true Minnesotan. We decided that just going was the most important part and now we had to schedule this in as a “must do” every year if we want to feel like true Minnesotans. We lived it up at the Fair and enjoyed good food, expos, games, and people from all over the state. My Mom and Me waiting for the Bus to the Fair Some nice looking Ears!
A Clean Tractor

It was awesome! We walked forever and saw almost everything the fair had to offer! The biggest disappointment of the Fair was that the Cow, Pig, and Chicken barns were not open by the time we stopped by. We remedied the need for livestock by visiting the baby barn and got our fill of newborns from the farm world! Everything from bunnies, piglets, new born calves and baby chicks. This was by far my mom’s favorite part of the fair!

Pull up contest! My kind of Fair The Fair’s BIGGEST PUMPKIN The Fair’s Tiniest Peppers! These are so cute but HOT!!!

My mom was pretty exhausted by the time the evening was over and I was a little worried about her. When I called to check on how she was feeling the next day she said she was in the best mood she had been in for months! It’s great that a simple Fair can bring so much happiness to so many people this time of year. Even Lahti was psyched to get his new chew toy octopus when we got home.

Lahti Vs. Stuffed Octopus

The Octopus was such a hit he only lasted about 5 minutes before the apartment was covered in stuffing and tentacles.

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