One of the big perks to training in Park City and being a National Team member is having access to USSA’s new training facility, the Center of Excellence.  The C.O.E., as it is known out here, is less than a year old and houses all of USSA’s sports administration and training facilities under one roof.

This afternoon, I did a little lifting at the COE, then ended my workout in the ice bath to help recover after two intensity workouts today.  I’m not really into taking pictures from inside the weight room, but Bruce from skinnyski just posted a link to a Lindsey Vonn training video.  This was filmed at the COE, where I was doing my lifting this afternoon.  As those of you who’ve attended one of my clinics can attest, we do a very similar workout to what Lindsey is doing with ladders, hurdles, and med ball throws, but she definitely makes it look better than I ever will.

If you really want to see a Garrott Kuzzy training video, you can check out my interval session from this morning at USSA’s Dartfish site.  This is a cool new program where National Team coaches can post video from US Ski Team athletes training.

This is one way my CXC coach Bryan Fish can stay up-to-date on my technique.  Matt Whitcomb took this video today of me skiing up Hermod’s Hill at Soldier Hollow.  Bryan can then watch the video and send comments on things I need to work on.   This particular hill is pretty steep (the same hill Alsgard and Zorzi raced up in the infamous 2002 relay) and the intervals were meant to be pretty relaxed.  If you want to see some hammer video, check out Liz’s freestyle speed workout.

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Garrott Kuzzy