Youth Olympic Games (day 3)

Sverre CaldwellJanuary 13, 2012

This morning we took an easy distance ski which included skiing up to the next town and dropping off Opening Ceremony tickets for Heather’s family. We found the correct hotel and had a nice ski so all was good.

Along the way we say a horse with its draft gear walking aimlessly along the trail. About 1 km further on we saw a distraught farmer looking for his horse (well…that is what we think he was doing…our german is not very good and he spoke no english). We pointed him down the trail and continued our ski.
Above is our wax room…pretty tidy eh?
This is the wax room avenue. We were lucky and got a wax room on the bottom so we do not have to climb up the stairs.
Paddy and Heather in the lunch tent. Our bus drive is about 35 minutes. They schedule the buses and training times and we just follow the schedule.
Prepping for lunch.
We had a little snow early this morning and the clouds were just trying to burn off as we left the venue.
Last night I met a coach from India. He is here (along with a couple other officials) in support of their 1 athlete, a female alpine skier. He told me that to ski in India, one has to hike up and then ski down. I imagine that hopping on the tram over here is pretty exciting! The goal for team India is participation and sharing in the Olympic experience. It’s great that they came.
The rest of the pictures are from our bus ride down to Innsbruck.
Apparently the guy on the left did not lose his horse.
They build the roads pretty steep on the picture above…yup..16% gets you down in a hurry.
Along this 2 km stretch, there are 4 truck run-away pull offs.
That is the side of the mountain and that is a train track!
This afternoon we meet the US Ambassador and then go to the Opening Ceremonies. It will be a long day, but it should be fun.

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Sverre Caldwell

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