D-Pole OD

Sverre CaldwellJune 21, 2012
H^3 today..luckily we started our 2+ hour double pole workout at 8 am.
Our route took us from the Londonderry shopping center up through Weston.
Chloe enjoyed the flowers, but not using skate skis with classic boots… I bet next time she grabs the correct equipment 🙂
The J2/3 gang went a bit through Weston and then returned to Londonderry.
Out of Weston, the older kids climbed up Andover hill (2 km of 10% grade).
On top (12 km into the ski), they get simple directions…10 km down to the rte 11 intersection, bang a right, 8 km of up, them 7 km rolling back to Londonderry.
Erika thought we were joking.
Finishing up.
That wasn’t so bad.
The boys crest the hill after climbing for 8 km.
Hot, happy and hydrating.
Sverre, Matt, Liz and Gus chat at the top of Andover hill while waiting for the skiers. We like biking during the roller ski workouts because we can keep up (and zip from group to group).

Sverre Caldwell

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