Finals and Summer Group

Sverre CaldwellJune 12, 2012
As our underclassmen are busy finishing up finals, our summer program is starting up. This means that we had a good group for our double pole test this afternoon.
We will do this test about once a month to track everyones improvement. All roller skis are different speeds so you can’t read too much into times, but as long as everyone keeps the same skis, we can make a big deal about improvement.
We do know that a bunch of these skiers had the same skis as they used last year and of them, Mackenzie R, Koby and Calvin set solid new PR’s so congratulations to them!
Here are the times:
Eric P  3:40
Austin  4:00
Calvin  4:10
Tyler  4:23
Koby  4:25
Mac  4:37
Heather 4:37
Anya  4:48
Erika 4:50
Sophie 4:52
Megan 4:55
Anika 5:02
Izzy  5:11
Cambria 5:13
Issy  5:16
‘Kenzie 5:27
Hallie 5:42
Tess  6:07
Good job by everyone!
Warming up: Anya & Cam. 
 Heather & Hallie.
 Test time: Mackenzie.
 Tess & Issy.
 Erika (Dartmouth alum/SMS Elite) & Hallie (Bates).
 Anya (UNH).
 Cam (MSU).
 Izzy (Dartmouth).
 Megan Killigrew (Dartmouth).
 Heather (Middlebury).
 Sophie (Dartmouth alum/SMS Elite).
 Austin (Dartmouth).
 Eric Packer (Dartmouth alum/SMS Elite).
 Warming down: Anika, Megan, Eric.
 Hallie & Cam.
 Working on technique after the DP test.
 Gus with Eric, Sophie, & Erika.
 Sverre keeps an eye on the girls.
Koby, Calvin, & Austin.

Sverre Caldwell

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