It’s all up to YOU !

FasterSkierJune 22, 2012
Now that school is over the real work begins ! The daily schedule of attending school and athletic practice makes it easy to have a complex schedule seem pretty easy to maintain. Accustomed to a routine that YOU have been in for the last 9 months things will soon change. YOU have been required to maintain a schedule that enables you to be successful in the classroom, and on the athletic stage.
(Find someone that will help YOU push YOUr limits)
 Now for most of you that schedule has changed. YOU don’t have to get up for school, YOU don’t have to practice, YOU don’t have to be in bed before certain time , YOU have all the freedom in the world. Now is when it gets hard and now is when YOU need to make the decisions and set the schedule that is going to make YOU successful. 
(Find a group to help YOU become better)
To make it easy on YOUrself find someone else to help YOU accomplish YOUr goals. It is a lot easier if YOU have someone else also counting on YOU to be at the weight room, trial head, pool, or parking lot! 

(YOU can’t do it alone)
(Enjoy what YOU do)

(Stay focused on YOUr goals !)

(Training is black and white, YOU have to make the choices)

(What are YOU going to do !?!?!?!?)

(Eat, Sleep, Train, Recover, and YOU will become better!)


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