Vail Craziness

nhoffman1989August 18, 2012

Tad Elliott fell asleep lying on a floating bed in Cal Deline’s pool. He got sun burnt.

We took several photos of it.

My friend and supporter Jon Schafer, otherwise known as Fast Big Dog, bought a new pair of Oakley glasses today.

Then he bought another pair.

This evening we went to dinner at Cal’s parent’s house.

It’s got a golf simulator. You actually hit the balls, as hard as you can. Here is cal demonstrating:

It’s also got a shuffle board, Foosball table, ping pong table and pool table.

And a weight room, complete with dummy to box against.

Oh, and it looks beautiful.

Cal’s room has a bookshelf.

It doubles as a secret room.

It was one of the most amazing houses I have ever seen.

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