100 km Ski-a-thon

Gus KaedingSeptember 3, 2012
This weekend the SMST2 Team skied 100 km as a team fundraiser.  Donations were given to the athletes from generous individuals on a per kilomteter basis.  The athletes will use this money for training/racing expenses throughout the year.
We began the day at 8am just over the New York border near Andy’s stomping grounds.

The ski started with several wrong turns.  Here Andy and I demonstrate our exemplary directional skills.

It was a fantastic day to be outside.

If the men’s group got too far ahead, they’d simply turn around until they met back up with the women.

The group started out classic skiing but, switched to skate skis at the 50 km mark.

One fun twist to the workout was our summer version of the secret santa.  Here Annie Hart models her fine sweat bands from Andy Newell.  They came in handy by the end of the ski as it started to get pretty hot!

The SMS PG’s joined us too.  Paddy Caldwell skied pretty much the enitre time glued to Andy.  Not a bad way to learn technique!

The women finshed the 100 km in fine fashion.  This is a great group to work with!

Eric Packer, always the overachiever logged an extra .94 km on the day.

Obviously, we found a swimming hole after the ski.  The water could have been a little deeper but, tough to pass up a good rope swing.

Skyler practicing good hygiene.
It was a great day and several of the athletes were able to enough money to make a real difference this season.  Thanks to everyone who donated!!!!

Gus Kaeding

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