Review: Pursuit T6004 Rollerskis and Pursuit Skate Rollerski Brakes

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The RollerskiShop's T6004 Pursuit Skate Rollerski ($159.99)
The RollerskiShop’s T6004 Pursuit Skate Rollerski ($159.99)

FasterSkier recently had the opportunity to test a pair of pursuit rollerskis which are sold exclusively online the Read the review by FasterSkier staff below.

Pursuit T6004 Skate Rollerski Summary ($159.99): Great all-around rollerskis for skiers of all abilities. While it may not have the flex of a Marwe, it provides surprisingly smooth experience despite it’s alloy composition. Did we also mention that its sold at a fraction of a leading rollerski’s cost?

Pursuit Skate Rollerski Brake Summary – sold separately ($39.99): While this brake is a step in the right direction, it is most useful when rollerskiers have no need to slow down.  Due to it’s ability to send a skier’s upper-body weight forward, this brake is better for the more experienced rollerskier who is better in-tune with their movements on rollerskis.

Review: The Pursuit T6004 has a very simple yet appealing aesthetic with an alloy aluminum structure. The addition of holes drilled in the sides gives the skis a bare-bones industrial look.  According to the RollerskiShop this further cuts costs, and scratches will be less noticeable.

In terms of performance, the Pursuit T6004 gets the job done. It provides a surprisingly smooth ride for its alloy base, even on fairly rough roads. In addition, the T6004 allows you to completely shift your weight between each ski while feeling stable.

The Rollerksi shop gives customers several options of wheel speed and size, depending on skill level and training needs. Check them out here to find the best fit for you.

The Pursuit T6004 is a great all-around rollerski. While those on the elite level will likely opt for a more expensive option, this rollerski offers quality at a low price which makes it an appealing option for anyone ranging from a junior to master skier.

The RollerskiShop introduced a braking system for their Pursuit rollerskis, which FasterSkier had the opportunity to test as well. Before testing the braking system I was skeptical of their use, as most brakes that I have experienced are ineffective and more hassle than they are worth.

The Pursuit Skate RollerSki Break ($39.99)
The Pursuit Skate Rollerski Brake ($39.99)

The Pursuit Skate Roller Ski Brake, is unlike other brakes in the fact that it connects a rounded metal piece to a stretchable cord that is tied to a waistband. Confused? I was too. However, once I was able to figure out the mechanics of the brake, the functionality finally made sense. 

To engage the brake, one must slide their foot with the rollerski brake forward and slowly pull up on the cord that connects the brake and the waist band. There’s a handle on the cord to facilitate this process. By pulling the cord, the rounded metal piece is placed into contact with the wheel, thus causing friction and theoretically slowing the skier.

For more detailed instructions for installing and engaging the brake, read a description at

However, slowing down with the Pursuit Skate Roller Ski Brake is sometimes too effective. There were multiple times when I was skiing down a hill where I would lightly pull the brake and feel as if I were about to fly face first into the pavement. To remedy this I decided to start braking throughout the entire hill instead of the near the middle or bottom. While the “jerking effect” was lessened I still felt as if my upper-body wanted to lurch forward.

In addition, for someone who is as tall as I am (6 feet – an average to slightly above-average height for most men in nordic skiing) the cord attached to the waistband was almost too short. Even with adequate slack in the cord I could feel a slight pull that would bring the rollerski to hit my heel every so often. While this might not be a problem for short rollerskis, it could become an annoyance after a two hour plus workout.

Overall, the Pursuit Skate Roller Ski Brake is a step in the right direction for the development of brakes. It is more effective than most other brakes I have experienced in the past and it can slow you down with ease on small hills. That being said, the times when the brake was most effective it was on a very gradual downhill, where one wouldn’t need to brake in the first place. As with all rollerski brakes, the Pursuit Skate Roller Ski Brake is ineffective and dangerous on longer, steep hills and abrupt stops. While the RollerskiShop advises that the brake is not for such circumstances, the instinct to brake in such situations might be too strong for some to resist.

For this reason I would recommend this brake for skiers who are experienced rollerskiers. However, most experienced rollerskiers probably feel as if they do not need a brake, thus making the market for this product a small one.

Pursuit T6004 Skate Rollerski: 

Price: $159.99

Wheel diameter: 100 or 105 mm 
Wheel width: 24 mm 
Bearings: 608 2-RS 
Wheelbase: 600 mm 
Weight: 1.48 kg per pair with 100 mm wheels & 1.56 kg per pair with 105 mm wheels 
Color: Alloy 

The RollerskShop advises against trying to put bindings on yourself. Due to the nature of the alloy base, drilling and attaching bindings can be a hassle. Save your self the trouble and have the RollerskiShop do it for $10.00. 

Add fenders ($18.00 for a set of four) so you can limit any spray in wet conditions. 

Pursuit Skate Rollerski Brake

Price: $39.99

Pursuit rollerskis are sold exclusively by the RollerskiShop, a business started in 2004 with a mission of providing low-cost rollerskis.  The RollerskiShop introduced their own brand, Pursuit, in 2005.  The RollerskiShop keeps costs down by using shafts extruded in the US and machined near the distribution center in Minnesota.  Additionally, there is no physical store.  Sales are online only.  You can visit the Rollerskishop at


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