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This video is currently all over the web and most everyone in the skiing world has watched in over 30 times.  Just to make sure that my family and friends (who don’t follow World Cup skiing as much) have gotten a chance to see it I’m going...

This video is currently all over the web and most everyone in the skiing world has watched in over 30 times.  Just to make sure that my family and friends (who don’t follow World Cup skiing as much) have gotten a chance to see it I’m going...

Maria Stuber and Brian Gregg, teammates on CXC Team Vertical Limit both finished 2nd in today’s 5/10km freestyle SuperTour in Minneapolis.  They took a few minutes to answer some questions following the race. Maria Stuber It sounds like the conditions were pretty sloppy out there with all of the warm and wet weather.  Can you tell us a bit about the conditions; how did the weather effect things, how the trails held up, etc? Maria...

I got on snow for the first time today and it was absolutely perfect.  The Rendezvous ski trails have just enough snow so that you can not tell if you are skiing on 4 inches packed snow or 4 feet (except for a couple spots).  Today’s temperatures were in the 20’s, it was super sunny, [...]

Bryan and I just left Marquette for a trip of unknown length. We will be in Rhinelander for a couple days and then we will make our way around the Midwest (Milwaukee area, Twin Cities area, Winona, and Hayward) to do clinics and ski fittings. Afterward, we will fly from Madison, WI to [...]

Early this morning, I met Bryan and Lindsey Dehlin at “the rock cut” which is a popular location for interval training in the Marquette area on county road 480. We all had a slightly different hard workouts to do, but we still managed to join forces. I did a 10K time trail, Bryan [...]

On Saturday, Lindsey Dehlin and I conducted a ski clinic for a group of female skiers in the Lake Placid area.  This was a mixed group of experienced and novice skiers.  All of the women who attended were very enthusiastic and excited to improve their skiing technique.  We did all dry-land work, both classic and [...]

So far it has rained every day since we’ve been here. Fortunately, Lake Placid is still beautiful when it is cloudy and dark. Here are some photos from the CXC Women’s team afternoon run on Thursday. Hopefully the sun will come out soon.

I have Great News!  Salomon has just become a sponsor of the BERGKÖNIG 8K Run at Lapham Peak on October 17th.  They have donated 2 pair of running shoes that will be awarded to the top male and female participants overall.  There will also be Salomon water bottles available to the first 100 participants to [...]

We are winding down another camp in Hayward, WI. This week was speed block #2 for most of the team. We had lots of hard training and we are starting to feel pretty wiped out. This morning, Coach Igor’s wife, Nina Gavrilyuk, joined us for the big OO time trial. Nina is a 4 time [...]

I may have gone for the most treacherous roller ski of my life on Saturday. I needed to do a 3 hour skate ski. I hadn’t checked the weather, but I knew it was supposed to rain all day. I waited around the house all morning for a window so I could at least warm up [...]

The CXC Team Vertical Limit just finished its fourth camp of the year in Ironwood, MI.  I have spent a lot of time in Ironwood, but never in the Summer time.  I was pleasantly surprised by how good the training was there.  There are lots of giant hills with very little traffic.  We stayed at [...]


Maria Stuber is a member of the CXC Elite Team.  She is a 2009 U.S. National Championship Silver Medalist and a graduate of Northern Michigan University, where she was captain of the women’s cross country ski team.  Maria received a bachelor’s degree in Physiology from NMU in 2007 and will complete her master’s degree in Exercise science in December, 2009.  She is currently running an Endurance-Based Personal Training program called Alliance Training (info@xcskialliance.com or call...

On the way home from Colorado Bryan and I swung by Milwaukee to go to Nicki and Jeff Wolf’s wedding (a good friend from my Waukesha K-12 School days). Their wedding was really fun as well. It was great to see Nicki, her awesome family, and some of my other high school friends [...]

After James and Kelly’s wedding, I had a pretty bad ankle role and couldn’t train for a couple days. We spent some time in Boulder where our good friends Shane Mundt and Tami Kochen took excellent care of us. Shane made us tons of good food. There was lots of fishing and [...]

Unfortunately, wedding season is over. I am back in Marquette after a wonderful vacation to Colorado. James and Kelly’s wedding was awesome. Everyone had a blast, and I was honored to be part of such a beautiful event. The Ahern and Letson families sure know how to throw a party. It was also great to [...]

Today concludes the CXC Elite team’s second training camp of the year. Bryan, Gus and I drove back to Marquette this afternoon and we are sitting at Caitlin and Nielsen’s house watching the end of today’s Tour stage.  It is always great to be home after a long training camp. I miss the lake, my [...]

Right now, the CXC team is gathered in Hayward, WI for our third camp of the year.  Last week we were joined by the Midwest regional elite group and some additional coaches from around the area.  Matt Whitcomb of the USST also joined us to give an additional perspective on technique and training.  We are [...]