Making a Healthy Transition to Running as the Seasons Change with Jessica Yeaton

Last year at this time, I was primarily gym-ridden. After roughly five months on snow, my fitness was high but my tolerance for the impact and specific demands of running were low. Throwing better judgement to the wind, I gave in to the allure of warm days, rapidly drying trails, and beloved road loops around town, and paid the price.   Despite running between zero and ten miles total between December and the end of February,...

Johaug: Fleet Footed in the 10 k

Norway’s Therese Johaug made news today on the running track, clocking a speedy 10 k in 31:40.69. Johaug’s run was part of a made-for-TV sport event in a time of limited international travel and social distancing. Called the “Impossible Games”, the format pitted some of Norway’s best track and field athletes against those from Kenya in a virtual competition. Best known by cross-country ski fans for dominating the distance races on the World Cup, Johaug...

Comeau Just Can’t Quit Skiing: Back in the Sport and PyeongChang-Bound

Today, she’s Olympic-bound. But two years ago, Anne-Marie Comeau was stepping away from cross-country skiing. Comeau had raced at 2015 World Junior Championships, finishing 25th in the skiathlon, but by December of that year the Canadian was diagnosed with a shoulder injury that required her to take half a year away from skiing. She didn’t compete past the first weekend of NorAms, or at all in the 2016-2017 season, after deciding to devote herself to...

Wednesday Workout (PPP Bonus!): Ride/Run & Run/Play with Sarah Max

Sarah Max has experience on her side when it comes to multi-sport races. "After a winter of planned workouts, I generally don’t follow a training plan for the Pole Pedal Paddle," the race's four-time winner explains. This year was no different. But she did incorporate running workouts to minimize the "brick" feeling one gets from transitioning from the bike to run.

Wednesday Workout: Early Season Agility with the Alberta World Cup Academy

This week's workout comes from Ezekiel Williams, FasterSkier's newest intern and an athlete at the Alberta World Cup Academy. This time last season, Williams said he really enjoyed doing what his team called, the Agility Sprint Track Workout. "Combine the agility work and lactate threshold building into the short 1:30 hour workout time and it makes for a solid early training-season session," he says.

After correcting a few typos in the the “official” results I thought we’d look again at the time histories for Dartmouth’s Moosilauke time trial. The following graph depicts every result (except for 2011, which I still can’t find anywhere). The blue is the median for each individual running; this includes both summer and fall times. [...] Related posts:

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The View From the Front of the Boston Marathon

Even if you’re not a running fan, chances are you heard that former Dartmouth College standout Glenn Randall led the opening 10 k of the Boston Marathon last Monday. Actually, ‘led’ doesn’t quite describe it — he gapped the elite men’s field, frenzy. To those who had never heard of Randall, it looked as though he was trying to grab a few minutes of fame with an opening pace he couldn’t hold. But as he...

Since graduating from Dartmouth College in 2009, Glenn Randall has skied for the Bridger Ski Foundation in Bozeman, MT. While an undergrad, he competed three seasons a year for Dartmouth’s cross-country, skiing, and track teams, winning the 10 k freestyle at NCAAs his junior year. Running has always been an important part of Randall’s career, both in training and racing. But he didn’t discover he was good at post-graduate running until he entered and won...