Lindsey Dehlin

I did my first on snow intervals this morning. It was a short session- 2x 4 minutes level 3 but the goal of the work out was to get comfortable going fast on skis. I also focused on being in the right heart rate zone.  Its really easy at high altitude to go too hard [...]

Its full on winter out here in West Yellowstone! Its snowing right now and anywhere between 5 and 9 inches are expected today. The fresh snow made skiing this morning perfect. It was freshly groomed and fast. I had a distance skate today with a few pick ups at the end. I also tested some [...]

Last weekend Versus was in town to cover the final World Cup of the season for speed skating.  Tyler Jenema and I went out for a Sunday morning roller ski.  Apparently we got in the way of the Versus coverage and ended up on the national broadcast of the World Cup. For as many hours [...]

I was so excited to ski again this morning that I woke up at 5 am! Ok, the real reason I was up that early was because of the 2 hour time difference but still. So when 9:00 finally rolled around I waxed up my classic skis and hit the Deja View and Rendezvous trails. Dan [...]

After 20 hours of driving Dan and I arrived in West Yellowstone early this afternoon. We didn’t waste much time and were on the ski trails as quick as we could. It was a perfect day for the first ski of the year- sunny, 33 degrees and awesome tracks. It was so great to finally [...]

One week from today Dan and I will be packing up the car and heading to West Yellowstone. It is about a 2 day drive so we will be getting there on the 20th and the plan is to be on skis that afternoon. Its hard to believe that the season starts so soon but [...]

This morning I joined the NMU ski team for a 10km skate time trial. I woke up way too early for a 10am start- I was just ready for it and a little nervous. I was feeling good on my warm up and when I did the part of my warm up when I do [...]

100 days until the Olympics! If that isn’t motivating to get out the door and train I don’t know what is! I am now four days in of a 9 day intensity block. Sten has written me a training plan that goes all the through to the first races of the season in West Yellowstone, MT [...]

Its hard to believe that its already the end of October! When I got home from Lake Placid I had a few days off to recover from all of the training at the camp. I took two days completely off from training and the two days after that were easy distance. This past week things have [...]

This morning I woke up to a blanket of snow here in Lake Placid. Ski season is on its way!     For the last intensity session of the camp we did a classic sprint time trial on Monday. It was run just like a real sprint race with the qualifying rounds, quarterfinals, semifinals and finals. The course [...]

The last three workouts that I have done here in Lake Placid have all been either speeds or intervals. Friday morning we worked on starts, transitions and downhill sprints. That afternoon was did a level 4 classic session of 5×3 minutes. This morning was 2×10 minutes level 3 classic followed by 2x 10 minutes level [...]

This morning all of the skiers that are here at the Olympic training center did a rollerski race this morning called the Climb to the Castle. The Climb to the Castle is a 5 mile race up Whiteface Mountain. I want to emphasize the UP part of it -all but  few minutes of the entire [...]

Here is a look at what I have been up to since arriving at the Lake Placid Olympic training center 5 days ago: Friday-  am-distance skate rollerski, pm- distance trail run Saturday-am- distance run, pm-over distance classic rollerski Sunday- am-Level 4 bounding intervals, pm-recovery run Monday-am- classic speed workout, pm-distance skate Tuesday- am-over distance classic rollerski/run I have a few things [...]

On Thursday morning I caught the 6 am flight out of Marquette headed for New York. I landed in Albany about noon where I met Lindsay Williams and Noah Hoffman. We had to wait about 5 hours in the airport for the rest of our crew to get in before we could make the 2 [...]

It’s been a while since I have taken the helm and posted an update.  Truth is, between work and the fact that I can train again, I’m whooped at the end of the day and hold the couch to the floor for an hour or so before heading off to bed. The middle of August I [...]


FasterSkierSeptember 26, 2009

Despite getting almost 10 hours of sleep last night, I woke up this morning feeling tired. My plan was to do a trail running race but decided to skip it and went for an easy skate rollerski instead… This past week has been Homecoming at NMU so there were parties all around town. A few nights [...]

    This morning I met Laura Dewitt and Ingrid Fjeldheim at the ski room at 8:00 and headed out to Marquette Mountain for level 4 moose hoof intervals.  We did a 30 minute warm up run and I was a little nervous to start the intervals because my legs felt a little sluggish from the skate [...]

Last Thursday, Sept. 10th, Lindsey took part in an interview with Marquette’s ESPN Radio 970 WZAM while attending an expo during the US Speed Skating Olympic Trials. Click on the link below to listen to the interview. >>>>>Lindsey Dehlin ESPN 970<<<<<

On Friday after running an hour and a half (!!) with Dan on the trails of Marquette, we packed up the RV, picked up our friend Tyler at work and headed up to Copper Harbor for the weekend. On Saturday Dan and Tyler mountain biked all of the peaks in the Keweenaw which was about [...]