The Nationally Shared Workout: A Look at the U.S. Pace Project

Last year, in an effort to create a standardized workout that could be easily replicated and repeated, national team coaches presented the concept of the “U.S. Pace Project.” The concept is straightforward: a shift away from time-based intervals to distance-based, centered around repeated laps of a 5-kilometer course. This familiar distance is key. In a call in July, Matt Whitcomb, U.S. Ski Team Head Coach, and one of the creators of the project explained that:...

Wednesday Workout: Alpine Touring & Backcountry Skiing with NCAA Champs DU

Looking for a workout that will not only bring you individual NCAA Champions, but the national title? After taking the overall at the 2016 NCAA Skiing Championships in Steamboat Springs, Colo., Denver University (DU) provides a workout that--perhaps to no surprise--combines an alpine skier’s agility and strength along with the cardio-fitness and adventure-loving-attitude often exhibited among nordic athletes.

The College Workout: Negative Splits with UVM

There are few things in skiing more important than knowing physical limits of one’s own body. Just ask Patrick Weaver, head coach of the 2012 NCAA Champions at the University of Vermont. “More often than not, we find when we get to a race people don’t know how to listen to their body and go out at the right pace,” he said. “The common mistake is they go out too hard and then the second...